CPT - Pole/Dump Combination Utility Trailer

QUAD ROLLER EZ-Roll Tongue with Self Lubricating Oilite Bearings
Rubber Torsion Axle or Leaf Spring Suspension at no extra change except there is an upcharge for 8K & 10K Torsion Axle Upgrades
• Aluminum or Steel Tongue Toolbox
• Reinforced Axle Hangers
• Electric Brakes
• Wheel chock Holders
• Winch Binders
• 4”W x 25’L, 12K LB Straps

Standard Trailer Body
• Heavy Duty 6”x6”x1/4” Wall Male Extendable Tongue
• Heavy Duty 8”x8”x1/4” Wall Female Structural Tube
• Base Frame: 7”x3”x1/4” Wall Structural Tubing
• 6-Position Adjustable Hitch
• 3/8”x36”L GR70 Yellow Zinc Safety Chains w/ Hooks
• Removable Male Extension Tongue
• 12,000 lbs. Jack w/ Spring

• DOT/ICC approved LED Lights and Conspicuity Reflective Tape
• Internal Cat Track Protects Wiring (also protects airlines if applicable)
• Removable Rear Access Door for Cat Track & Wiring Access
• Sealed Beam, Rubber Mounted Stop, Turn, Tail, Marker Lights
• Wiring Harness Terminated in Junction Boxes with Heat Shrink Connectors
• Plug & Play Wiring System
• Breakaway Kit with an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery

• I.M.P.A.C.T. Intense Metal pH ACID Cleaning Technology
• Hydrofluric, Sulfuric, Phosphoric ACID Bath
• Seams Caulked
• Rust Preventative 2-Part Epoxy Primer
• DOT Reflective Tape
• Standard Colors: Red, Black, White, and CAT Yellow

• 3-Step Hot Dip Galvanizing (Includes 10 Year Structural Warranty)

Extended Cargo Area
• 142”L x 64”W x 15”H

Extension Adjustment
24’ / 31’ / 38’ (extended cargo area standard configuration, customizable extension lock hole positioning available)

Front Pole Seat (Mounted Male Tongue)
60”W 5”H Beam Pole Seat w/ EZ-Slide Stanchions (in lieu of 46” Standard Seat)
96”W x 5”H Beam Pole Seat w/ EZ-Slide Stanchions
• Removable Front & Rear Pole Seats
• Removable Reel Stands / Power Winder / Tension Brake (sold separately) 1,2 or 3 Pair 3,500 or 6,500 lbs. Capacity w/ Bronze Bearing, 2.5” Reel Bar (manually lifetable) w/ Centering Collars and Lifting Lugs
• 9” Stainless Steel Overspin Brake w/ Yellow Zinc Electroplate Caliper
• 12” Heavy Duty Overspin (light tensioning) Brake
16” Ventilated Tru-Stop Self-Cooling Tension Brake 4,200 ft/lbs
Hydraulic Power Winder (pay-in / pay-out) 3,350 ft/lbs Torque Standard White Drive Hydro Stator Motor (top of the line). Capstan Bayonet Adapter C (low cost upgrade adds capstan and spider reel capacity)
Air Brakes w/ Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) w/ Spring Brakes and Auto-slack Adjusters
• Front Pole Seat: 5”H Beam
• Truck / Trailer Electric Wiring Socket: Customer Choice
• 3” Lunette Eye
• Wiring Soldering and Sealed w/ Heat Shrink Tubing
Optional Quick-Rotate Swivel Jack w/ Extension
• Rubber Wheel Chocks
• Spare Tire & Mount
• Solar Charge Breakaway Kit
• All Weather Galvanized Grip Strut Wheel Chock

Light Bar
• Painted Cat Yellow
Contains two 2” Stop / Turn / Tail Round Rubber Mounted Sealed Beam LED Lights (4 light configuration upgrade available)
• Tree Center ID Marker Lights
• Two Side Marker Lights
• Light Bar Attached to Pole with 2” Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps
25’ Standard Electrical Cable length with 6-Way Aluminum Diecast Connector (longer cables provided upon request)


Torsion Axle Suspension except Air Brakes
• (2) 6K AXLES: 13,800 lbs. GVWR @ 15% Tongue Weight
• (2) 7K AXLES: 16,100 lbs. GVWR @ 15% Tongue Weight
• (2) 8K AXLES: 18,400 lbs. GVWR @ 15% Tongue Weight
• (2) 10K AXLES: 22,000 lbs. GVWR @ 15% Tongue Weight
All Final Based on Chosen Model & Options

6K Axle – (4) ST-235/80R16 LR-E Tires
7K Axle – (4) ST-235/80R16 LR-E Tires
8K Axle – (4) 215/75R17.5 LR-H Tires
10K Axle – (4) 215/75R17.5 LR-H Tires

Overall Width:
• 96” (customizable)

Pole Seat Height:
• 40” (45” with Fixed or Removed Pole Seat Option)

Cargo Dump Beds:
• 111”Lx70”Wx15H (customizable, see options)
• 144”Lx70”Wx15”H (see options)

• 20’ / 25’ / 30’ Retracted to Extended (customizable, see options)
• 24’ / 31’ / 38’ Retracted to Extended (see options)


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